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For a stress-free life, try exercise

Exercise has so many application you could be excused for thinking it's a wonder drug. From the obvious health benefits of stronger bones and muscles, a strong cardiovascular system that pumps blood around our bodies that's full of life giving oxygen and nutrients, to weight reduction, lowering blood pressure, decreasing our risk of heart disease, cancer, depression and anxiety, and improving our endocrine system, sleep, digestion, hair, skin and nails.

What's not to love about exercise! As we exercise a delightful cocktail of chemicals start to wash through our brain - what we like to call "happy drugs", that lift our mood and yes, reduce our stress. So the next time you're starting to feel tension creep in, stop, take a deep breath and pump out a few pushups, jump up and down on the spot or run up your driveway and back. About 15 seconds of anything that gets you puffed and your heart pumping should do the trick. Do you feel calmer?

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